Cape Breton: Textural Diversity of the Shoreline

There are many tucked away cobble and sandy beaches between the rocky outcroppings along the shorelines of Isle Madame. A visual feast of shifting textural beauty.

Sadly, the lighthouses are being decommissioned and are slowly disappearing off the island, replaced by lit channel markers.
A beautiful vista with a coastguard boat far off in the distance.

The view at the trailhead of the Cap Auget Eco-Trail on Isle Madame.

A velvety hidden-away beach, not easily accessible.
This lobster fishing boat was accidentally run aground on a sandbar. ItΒ  returned to service at high tide the following day.

All images Β© Karen McRae

48 thoughts on “Cape Breton: Textural Diversity of the Shoreline

  1. Maybe I’ll be picking your brain if I ever get my plans together to head up this way… looks lovely!

  2. Your photos leave me feeling that I am on the water. Love the one in the middle with the distance lighthouse.

  3. Karen, You have a great eye for the detail and uniqueness of things. They are always things that we (out here in the world of observers) are interested in. Thanks for taking time to share with us the things you found interesting in Cape Breton. Wally

  4. PS: I loved the Ess-shaped sandbar. It reminded me of what the currents do to form Cape Hatteras. The Gulf currents flowing north and the Atlantic currents running south build a landform. The cold and warm currents create a smorgasborg of little tidbits for the larger fish to eat. Thanks again for a nice selection of visions. Wally

  5. I like the way you faced each different texture in different eyes.
    With fresh mindset and different approach in its suppleness.
    Diversity is in your mindset.

      1. Hei, Hei Leah from Stavanger, Norway. I am an 54 year old Cape Bretoner who lives away from home and has done so for years .but home is home! My husband Bruce and I have lived with our son Sandy (16) in Norway for 3 years now. I have a datgeuhr going to Dalhousie University but she also lived with us for a time on our expat assignment in Damascus, Syria. I have a favourite story to tell .when we got to Damascus my husband took us to the NATO base where every Friday evening a different country hosted a family social. On my first visit I could hear a young man yelling to my husband . where is she where is your CB lass? It turned out he was from North Sydney and was leaving so wanted to pass the gauntlet of CB hospitality to me! I took up the challenge but given my new surroundings .I couldn’t help but be amazed at meeting a Cape Bretoner so far from home! We are new homeowners now in Middle River and can’t wait to spend the summer at home! I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work!

  6. Oh wow! These are truly beautiful! Is it really called Isle Madame? How amazing! Dear Karen, thankyou so much for your Invisible Healing! I was and am so touched by your well wishes. I think i could feel when you sent them:) Thankyou! and for being such a wonderful, beautiful blog force:)

  7. That first stone appears to be some new form of life. I cannot wait until more green stuff starts growing out there. I’m curious as to how it will turn out.

  8. Such beautiful works of art Karen. I just love that shot of the seaweed, splattered on the rocks. The shot, “A beautiful vista with a coastguard boat far off in the distance.” is so peaceful. You’ve done it again πŸ™‚

  9. Seriously, are they gonna remove the old light houses? That just seems so wrong. It’s a piece of history and they are beautiful!
    Karen your photos are awesome, they are so full of texture and sensitivity. It’s a pain for me to come here, because I feel like I wanna move in, you know… well you don’t… unless I’ve told you before.

    1. Some of the lighthouses have already gone, but others will probably just slowly fade away. I’m sure they will preserve some of them but they likely won’t be re-lit once the lights have burned out.
      Anette, thank you some much! πŸ™‚

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