33 thoughts on “The Snow in Bloom on Evergreen Boughs

  1. Serenity in snow. Serenity in simplicity of one tree, one hill and one sky. Peaceful in its assymetry and sense of solitude awaiting one star. Peace, Light and Joy. Merry Christmas Karen and thank you for sharing your images.

    1. Scilla, I wish I could say it was an intentional nod to that piece because it’s a brilliant work of art. I don’t recall having seen it before, though, which surprises me. I just looked it up. And I love it!
      I see where you have drawn a correlation. So interesting.

  2. Your tree remind me the time when I lost in a expance of white. (Our country has up to 10m (30 feet)
    of snow though, I saw snow in here less than handfull times — in 40 years !)
    Keep warm Karen. 🙂

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