Things To Love About February









This view.

February holds a little bit of everything, even in its infancy. Snow (not enough), rain, freezing rain, warm temperatures, freezing cold temperatures. It is a month that throws itself to the wind and just goes with it.

All this ‘weathering’ has created a lovely kaleidoscope of shapes on this expansive part of river, the colours shifting with the light and clouds as they streak across the sky.


© Karen McRae, 2016

38 thoughts on “Things To Love About February

  1. You capture the stillness of a single moment so beautifully, the beauty of the cold season really jumps effortlessly from these images. Wonderful!

  2. They all look like wonderful paintings to me. February does bring wonders with it, but then I guess so does every month. Really loved your photos, Karen! They always make me wonder. 🙂

  3. I don’t generally enjoy February but the pastel shades and ‘gentle, patterns’ captured in these images tempt me to reassess – at least for 2016!

  4. Beautiful Karen. Having been in Iceland as you know, I can really appreciate these. In the UK it’s just grey and wet in winter time now, we long for some crisp cold days like we used to have.

  5. It seems I’ve entered the world of an artist with a brush, painting light and desolate cold for us all to experience…such an incredible feel with these photos.

  6. wow! is this the Ottawa River? amazing how it looks like the sea – what a landscape and incredible horizon. so expansive and moody. such great photos!

  7. Oh how I long for this kind of endless stretching space! I particularly love when you bring in those super dark elements next to the muted ice colours – seen it before in your images and always love it..

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