41 thoughts on “Feathered and Frosted

  1. As always, what incredible images you brought back from the wild !
    And I’m pretty impressed that you are carrying full gear from
    200~300 mm to life-size macro lens while strolling in the snow.
    (on ski as well ?) What an incredible effort.

    1. No skiing today ,but I do cart around a lot of gear. I often don’t use my long lens but if I don’t bring it along then often I wish I had. Thanks, Yoshizen!

      1. Yah, it’s an irony isn’t it. Big accident kind happened, when ever I was
        not with my camera. —- So, I accustomed to carry one, then nothing
        happened = On the end I made a joke “I’m carrying a camera to
        avoid the accident” 😀

  2. I’m not sure I want to say good-bye to winter quite yet and I think I will get my wish. Snowing here too. These images are dipped in grace, as well as feathers and frost.

  3. What a beautiful bird Karen. I hesitate to say we’ve had a glorious spring day here today, given you’re expecting more snow. Exquisite images as always. Spring will get to you very soon I’m sure. 🙂

  4. These are beautiful, Karen. I love birds and the little female cardinal is precious. Even though you are getting more snow, somehow the ice and frost seem tentative and the light certainly has changed from earlier photos.

    1. The day started out sunny and beautiful – cold, though(!) but it warmed up pretty nicely. those little frost growths don’t last too long in the sun.
      Yes, lots of snow expected, I guess I’ll be out playing in it tomorrow. : )
      Thank you, Judy.

  5. Those ice crystals you’ve captured are amazing. I love the simplicity & beauty in your images. So different to my own.

  6. I’m wondering how that pretty little bird survives the cold, do you know Karen? Extra layers of feathers or something? My favourites here are the middle three though. I always like your colours – subtle and/or neutral – and I paticularly like the browns included here.

  7. The little outgrowths on the seed head are just wonderful – it looks as though it is trying on exotic hats to welcome spring! The air is just starting to feel autumnal here, which I love, summer has felt very long this year.

  8. Your winter collection during the season is great. We’ll see your winter art next winter. Looking forward to see warm and more colourful spring and summer picuters. Have a nice day!

  9. What a beautiful depiction of morning So many rich layers & the bird is so delicately perfect the way you’ve intimated swirls and wind making up his/her world showing us a moment of stillness and pause.

  10. Well, Autumn is very definitely making inroads in our neck of the woods, so your warmer weather is on its way. But we still get to enjoy these exquisite photos for a bit longer which us great!

  11. I feel better knowing I am not the only one still waiting for the spring :). But winter has its own bright side, and you are making the best out of it.

  12. Your photos make winter look magical and inviting. I’m okay with it not being over if you continue to photograph the beauty of it!

    The portrait of the lone bird gives hope! Spring is near.

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