Underwater 2 ~ Swim

River-Lilies4In the heat of summer I can think of nothing more luxurious than sinking into water.

[Photographs made at the same time as the images in the previous post. These images are also inverted in processing]

© Karen McRae, 2015

Underwater ~ River Lilies

  • I am getting to know a new small camera that can be used underwater. A camera that doesn’t mind a rainy day or a swim in a river, or maybe the odd little bump. It hasn’t had much use yet but here are a few pictures from a canoe trip the camera has recently been on.

    River lilies that have been inverted in processing to bring out the lovely forms. Lots of possibilities to explore, not enough time!


    © Karen McRae, 2015

  • Spring Rush 2

    A lot can change in a couple of weeks. The landscape is now teeming with life and tender growth. Heatwaves and sunshine. The pace of change is almost dizzying. It’s hard to keep up with everything. I have had a chance to check in on the purple martins, though, who have returned from their far-away winter grounds in Brazil. They are busy catching insects, bickering, and setting up house for this year’s breeding. Pictured here is a female martin in flight.

    © Karen McRae, 2015

    Spring Rush

    Spring-Rush-1A little waterfall along one of the many creeks that rush (or trickle) into the now wide open river. It is only the water that’s in a hurry, it seems ~ spring is still dancing quite slowly across the landscape.

    © Karen McRae, 2015