Purple Martins

The gorgeous Purple Martins have returned to their summer home near the river. I saw a little bit of nest-building material being collected but mostly the swallows were zipping about catching insects when I made these photographs. I love their songs and when you hear an entire community of them vocalizing together – especially once […]

Purple Martin Stories

There are moments when it’s hard not to mourn the quick passing of the summer even though we are still in it. Cold rainy days that feel like they were borrowed from another month. A month like October. And seeing that the Purple Martins have ‘left the building‘. Their summer nesting boxes empty – devoid […]

Spring Rush 2

A lot can change in a couple of weeks. The landscape is now teeming with life and tender growth. Heatwaves and sunshine. The pace of change is almost dizzying. It’s hard to keep up with everything. I have had a chance to check in on the purple martins, though, who have returned from their far-away […]

Up with the Birds

Above: Purple Martins in flight I stopped in to see the Purple Martins after a very early start to my day. If I were a Robin I might have got the first worm… There is a lot of activity as they are busily collecting materials for their little nest-box homes. I spotted a pair of […]