PurpleMartin_SpeedofFlightThe Speed of (F)light

Another Purple Martin (male) caught in flight ~ It is difficult to get a precise synthesis of both focus and movement when photographing these birds – I think this is what interests me the most – but this particular image might be the closest I’ve come. I like the somewhat abstracted nature of the form and the simplicity of the monochromatic tones. They might be getting sick of me hanging around, though…

[Click on the image for a larger version]


© Karen McRae, 2014

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  1. Your photos always birghten my day. You have your own style and your photos are recognizable which is an amazing quality to have for a photographer.

  2. I so LOVE your Purple Martin shots! I would like one or two or three framed in a series on a wall in my home… I would never tire of looking at them! Awesome work Karen.

  3. Karen your pictures are like the reflections and dreams we have after we’ve experienced the real world, they convey how we feel more than what we see, quite wonderful

  4. As you wrote before, these photos are so strangely like paintings, and stunning. (May I add that your photos are stunning? Because they are.)

  5. Your ability with capturing motion and really the essence of nature is astounding…surreal. There is something so pleasing to the eye that makes me sit, stare and wonder. Such a good feeling.

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