Another Winged Thing

WingedThings1Untitled. Oil, conté & graphite on Mylar 20″x24″. (These paintings always look so much better in real life, I think.)

A winged thing that is tied to water. Inspired from bits and pieces from the river shoreline, things now lying around the studio.

A studio view with most of the mess unseen.

In-the-Studio2(The other painting was posted previously here.)

© Karen McRae, 2013

44 thoughts on “Another Winged Thing

    1. Thanks very much, Judy. I’m not sure I like the way it looks in these photographs. It seems better in real life. Anyway, I may end up playing with it some more but I guess I’ll just leave it alone for now.
      Maybe another one, yes. : )

    1. Thank you, Anna. Yes, there are lots of rocks and fossils around my house. I guess I might fall in to the favourite people category. Yay! I bet you have rocks too, yes?

  1. It is always very interesting to see how 3D stimulates and creates 2D. Truly magical things happen. We often just see the finished piece. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love the paintings on the black wall. And what a beautifully clear display space on top of that cupboard/dresser, if it was mine I would probably have piles of books and other “important” things cluttering the space 🙂 Even if the rest of the studio isn’t like this it has made me want to clear the clutter from a few table tops in mine lol

  3. The painting looks great, and it’s interesting to see the similarities – the thread – between your painting & your photographs. But I understand what you say about the painting looking better in real life, especially with the materials you used – they would have a substance and a reflective quality that would be hard to show in a photograph. (Have to say I envy the studio!)

  4. For me, the pictures are so beautiful, don’t compare with the nature, it’s different, really, i love the colours you have used 🙂

  5. Beautiful, delicate painting – very expressive. Sadly the camera cannot adequately capture the quality of real life interaction between the viewer and the painting.

  6. Lovely to see your paintings Karen! Your delicacy of touch carries through to the paintings. The two do look good together. I have just had a major studio tidy-up – its been incredibly therapeutic!

  7. It’s great to see how your sensibility, your vision as an artist, comes through both your drawings and your photos – delicate, poetic, translucent, multi-layered…
    Beautiful work, Karen!

  8. As always a rest to see your work. And I love getting a glimpse of your beautiful studio. You should check out the magazine “Where Women Create “. It’s a gorgeous magazine ( also has website). They showcase women’s creative spaces/studios and their art work. I think you summit a link of your blog and they decide if they want to include you in magazine. They’d be crazy not to showcase you : )

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